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black and white

Ride to Paquin

Posted on 2007.11.18 at 23:42
It's quieted down a lot on the ship now that the Croc is gone and everything is set to rights.   Everyone is getting ready to have the first good night of sleep since visiting Greenleaf, not having to worry about waking up and finding a large, coldblooded creature climbing into bed with them.  Quinn finishes setting up Black Cat to steer herself to Paquin, swings around in her chair and stretches.  She stops at the door of the cockpit to take a deep breath then she sets out to find the Doc checking his room on the way to the infirmary and the lower cargo brewery.

Upon finding him she gives a polite knock to announce her presence.  "Hey. Doc.  How's it goin? Can I come in?"  She says quietly from the doorway.  Her right arm is crossed across her body, the hand resting on the door jamb ready to grip and swing her around to go if he says no.